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Quick Look Course Summary:Microsoft Office Excel Essentials -Non Accredited
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

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  • Certification Type:Accredited

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    Microsoft Office Excel Essentials – Non Accredited

    Course Introduction: Welcome to the first part of our Microsoft Office Excel training program. Excel is Microsoft’s powerful and user-friendly spreadsheet program. This course is designed to help novice computer users quickly become proficient in Excel. We will cover various aspects of the interface, printing, simple scenarios, and formatting basics. By the end of this course, you will feel confident in creating new spreadsheets, using basic formulas, making your spreadsheets professional and presentable, and saving and printing them.

    Target Audience:

    • Novice computer users who want to learn Excel from scratch.
    • Individuals seeking to acquire fundamental spreadsheet skills for work or personal use.
    • Individuals aiming to build a solid foundation for advanced Excel training.

    Course Duration: 1 days

    Course Prerequisites:

    • Basic understanding of using a Windows-based computer.
    • Comfortable with keyboard, mouse, and Start menu navigation.
    • Familiarity with printing and web browsing is beneficial but not required.
    • Mathematical literacy and communication skills at least at NQF Level 1.
    • No prior experience with other Excel versions necessary.

    Non Accreditations:

    • This course is aligned to Unit Standard: US116937 – however it is non accredited as its length has been shortened and does not include submission of POE.

    Course Outline: Module 1: Principles of Spreadsheets

    • Define spreadsheet purpose and use
    • Identify spreadsheet programs and examples
    • Explain the benefits of using Excel for spreadsheets
    • Work within organizational standards and procedures

    Module 2: Getting Started with Excel

    • Understand Excel interface elements
    • Create a basic worksheet
    • Navigate, save, and close spreadsheets
    • Utilize the help system in Excel

    Module 3: Performing Calculations

    • Create formulas in a worksheet
    • Ensure data integrity while calculating

    Module 4: Modifying a Worksheet

    • Manipulate data, cells, columns, and rows
    • Search for and replace data

    Module 5: Formatting a Worksheet

    • Modify fonts, borders, and colors
    • Apply number formats and align cell contents
    • Utilize cell styles for professional appearance

    Module 6: Check and Print the Spreadsheet

    • Check spelling and grammar
    • Define page layout and apply print options

    Module 7: Customizing the Excel Environment

    • Customize general, language, formula, and proofing options
    • Personalize the ribbon, Quick Access toolbar, and add-ins
    • Utilize advanced and Trust Center options

    Outcomes and Objectives: Upon course completion and successful assessment, learners will acquire these skills:

    • Understand the principles of spreadsheets.
    • Create, open, and save spreadsheets.
    • Produce a spreadsheet from a given specification.
    • Perform calculations with basic formulas.
    • Edit a spreadsheet and manipulate cells.
    • Automatically enter data into cells.
    • Format a spreadsheet using various formatting features.
    • Check spelling and grammar in a spreadsheet.
    • Print a spreadsheet using specific features.

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