With every breath you take, don’t be a Puff Daddy. Take the Sting out of Leap Year proposals – Take the Leap and Learn to Lead!


Leap Day on February 29 has been known as a day of traditions, superstitions and folklore since it was first introduced over 2000 years ago by Julius Caesar.

It is also believed that to balance out the traditional roles of women, an old Irish legend claims that St Brigid made a deal with St Patrick which allowed women to propose to men every four years on Leap Day.

But, despite traditions, whether you are a man or a woman, who wants to hang around waiting for a proposal?

Most women would be too embarrassed to take on this kind of leadership task.  And most men would be ticked off at being denied their role as the one to do the hunting and proposing.

So, just because it’s February and what with Valentine’s Day, Leap Day and any other day in between why wait for a proposal?

Take the leap and learn to lead with a 20% discount off any one of our leadership courses.  Follow the links below to view some of our leadership training courses or you can also take a look at all of our public courses here or download our  2020 Training Catalogue right now to find the exact course that you are looking for.  Then, simply book before 29 February.  You don’t need a ring.  Give us a ring and we will hook you up.

Taking Charge as a Leader and Closing the Gap Between Specialist and Manager

Build Winning Teams to Achieve Company Objectives

Monitoring Individual Performance to Create High Functioning Teams

Leadership and People Management Training Course


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