Office Administration Course

Course Introduction: Office Administration Course Training

Administrative assistants are Essential element of most office environments. They work silently in the background, making certain the business enterprise runs efficiently as well as effortlessly. This particular program will supply brand new administrative assistant’s tools which will make them that individual that the office cannot live without. Experienced administrative assistants will be taught brand new tools which will make them more efficient as well as important than ever.

In the Administrative Support program, delegates will discover the Essential abilities which will assist them to utilize their particular resources effortlessly, manage your time as well as effort carefully, communicate effortlessly, as well as work together with other people well. The methods presented in this particular program can take time to be an element of your everyday work routine. Nevertheless, making the commitment to constantly utilize the principles daily is the Essential to changing as well as implementing brand new behaviors in a brief amount of time.

Recommended Prior Experience and Knowledge: Office Administration Course

This course will assist delegates in understanding: Administrative Office Procedures
For the Administrative Office Procedures Training Course it is advisable that you have the following experience/knowledge:
None, course conducted in English

Course Outline: Administrative Office Procedures Training

Johannesburg (Sandton), Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria – South Africa

Key outcomes of the course include:
BOTI’s Program Outline

Administrative Support BOTI’s Program Outline:
Component 1: Starting Out
The Parking Area
Breaking the ice
Program Objectives
Housekeeping matters

Component 2: Getting Organized, Part 1
Controlling Electronic Files
Keeping Track of the Paper Trail
Taking advantage of Voice Mail
Working with E-Mail

Component 3: Getting Organized, Part 2
The Extra Mile: The addition of Project Management Techniques to Your Set of Skills
Keeping Your Workplace Organized
Utilizing a To-Do Book

Component 4: Controlling Time
Controlling your time as well as effort
Keeping others on course
Schedule Maintenance

Component 5: Performing On Time
Setting Objectives
The trick to Staying on course

Component 6: Special Tasks
Organizing Traveling
Small Meetings Planning
Large Meetings Planning

Component 7: Verbal Communication abilities
Listening as well as Hearing: they are not the exact same thing
Power Communicating
Asking Queries

Component 8: Non-Verbal Communication abilities
Body Language
It Is Not Exactly What You Say; It Is the Manner in Which You Say It
The Signals You Send to Others

Component 9: Empowering Yourself
Conflict Resolution
Generating Consensus
Being Assertive
Decision Making

Component 10: The Team of 2
Affecting abilities
Exactly What to-do in Sticky Circumstances
Working with Your Manager

Component 11: Taking Care of Yourself
Working and overcoming a Heavy Workload
Dealing with Stress

Component 12: Concluding
Assessment of Parking Area
Wise Words
Evaluations as well as Completion Of activity Plans
Key Learnings

Course duration and fees: Administrative Office Procedures Training

Our one day training course is designed so that the knowledge acquired is applied practically, so that the business environment can be enhanced.

Benefits of Office Administration Course

  1. Improved organization skills
  2. Increased efficiency
  3. Enhanced communication skills
  4. Improved computer skills
  5. Increased confidence
  6. Career advancement opportunities
  7. Networking opportunities
  8. Professional development
  9. Increased job opportunities
  10. Versatile skill set

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