Time Management Skills Training Course

Time Management Skills Training Course or Time Management Training: The Managing Time Skills Training Course provides the skills to analyse their personal and business time problems. It allows delegates and to implement and choose solutions which suit their positions and work-styles. It will assist them in meeting work and personal deadlines.

The Challenge Johannesburg (Sandton), Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria – South Africa

Time Management skills are essential business skills as:

o   Time is limited

o   Learn more

o   Reduce stress

o   Higher quality work

o   Creates discipline

o   Accomplish more with less effort

o   Make better decisions

o   Be more successful


The Solution (Time Management Skills Training Course: Johannesburg (Sandton), Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria – South Africa)

The outcomes of the course (Time Management Skills Training Course) aims to teach candidates the skills of:o   Receiving and capturing diary information on line, or process it manually.

o   Scheduling time to complete tasks according to specific deadlines and reporting incomplete activities timeously.

o   Planning and following a work schedule.

Other areas taught include the following:


    • Create, use and maintain a task list. The value of using and maintaining a task list is known and understood in terms of a specific work context.  Steps or stages are identified.  Information and documentation required are recorded. Additional information received is captured on line or processed manually. Completed tasks are reported to the appropriate authority
    • Use and maintain a diary . The purpose of keeping a personal diary as a self-management tool. Relevant information is recorded. Diary entries are used to create an action plan
    • Prioritise tasks. Tasks are identified in order to create a task list. Tasks are sorted and prioritised according . Time needed to complete tasks is scheduled to allow to meet deadlines


Training Approach (Time Management Skills Training Course)

Our two day training course is designed so that the knowledge acquired is applied practically, so that the business environment can be enhanced.

The course has a strong focus on an outcomes based approach and is presented to encourage group participation and involvement. Key mechanisms used include:


  • Role-plays
  • Practical relevant Exercises
  • Speeches and Presentations
  • Team sessions
  • Practical Demonstrations
  • Questionnaires
  • Discussions  and
  • Case examples

All delegates (for Time Management Skills Training Course:Johannesburg (Sandton), Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria – South Africa)  will receive:

  • Material, refreshments (lunch, tea),  after training assistance for 3 months (Time Management Skills Training Course)
  • Memory stick (with relevant tools and models that can be easily accessed when applied back at work) (Time Management Skills Training Course)

Time Management Skills Training Course  is an essential skill.

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