jQuery Course – Improve your skills

The jQuery Course for Designers

If you are unfamiliar with the idea of using jQuery to make web pages, this course would greatly benefit you. The course targets those who are employed as web designers and the cost and duration is very reasonable and manageable for anyone who believes the tools and values they will learn would benefit their work with their website. We would recommend this course for anyone who wants to make drastic but very simple improvements to their web site.

Purpose of the jQuery course: This dynamic training jQuery course is meant to teach you how to add jQuery components that are popular to a web page. While this course can benefit a lot of people, it is meant to target Designers who don’t have an incredible depth of knowledge in the area of JavaScript.

What is the use?You might wonder what the use of this dynamic training course is. In general, jQuery is a framework for JavaScript. If you take the course, you would learn how to use jQuery to make web pages with something called Web 2.0. This will help you learn to make your websites more usable for those who visit it and a lot more interactive, making someone’s visit much more pleasant. If that doesn’t convince you to spend the time and money consider the fact that of the 10,000 most visited sites online, 80% of them take advantage of all jQuery has to offer.

Solution:This course on learning how to use jQuery to make web pages will only last one day, so it is not too time consuming and there are fewer lessons than some courses. If you would like to know a little more about what this day would entail, take a look at the detailed outline below.

  • Introduction to the Framework of jQuery
    • What is it? What can it do? Examples.
  • Forms and UI for jQuery
    • Such as: Autocomplete, Datepicker, Slider, etc.
  • Effect for jQuery
    • Such as: Tabs, Animations, Light boxes, etc.
  • More about what jQuery and Ajax are

What do you need to know for teh jQuery Course? For this dynamic training course it is recommended that you have pre-requisites knowledge in CSS and HTML to truly benefit from the course. While you could probably still take this course without being as familiar with these programs, you would understand and gain a lot more from it if you were familiar with these programs.

If you are a web designer and you think this dynamic training course would be a good idea for you or your team to be a part of Don’t wait one more day to learn about using jQuery to make web pages.

jQuery Course

jQuery Course

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