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Course Introduction

Unleash the Power of Photoshop

Photoshop is a graphics-editing program that is utilized to develop and modify images. The program’s flexible nature makes it helpful for a substantial range of imaging jobs.  Photoshop is used in fields as varied as architecture, astronomy, animation, forensics, website design and the medical profession.

  • Architects. Architects utilize Photoshop’s 2-D- and 3-D-rendering and modifying tools to produce more practical design models for building tasks. Photoshop’s modifying tools enable designers to improve the images they create, adding shadows and texture to make designs more practical.
  • Astronomers use Photoshop’s image improvement features to process photos of space, examining the images to get more information about the universe.
  • Animators .Animators utilize Photoshop’s multi-layered rendering system to produce complicated characters and backgrounds. They can likewise utilize the program to modify backgrounds and develop animations from still images.
  • Forensics Professionals. Forensics Professionals typically utilize Photoshop to process the huge quantities of photographic evidence that originates from crime-scene images. Photoshop enables professionals to process fingerprints and improve images of crime scenes.
  • Websites. Photoshop plays a big role in website design, helping website designers to develop the backgrounds, text, website buttons and 3-D art work for modern-day websites. Designers can use Photoshop to boost photos and images for website use.
  • Medical. Photoshop’s image-analysis and measurement functions assist doctors in analysing medical images, permitting medical professionals to much better comprehend their clients’ conditions and demonstrate them more effectively.

Our Photoshop Short Courses are held in the following locations: Photoshop Courses Johannesburg; Photoshop Course Cape Town; Photoshop Courses Pretoria; Photoshop Courses Durban.

Course Outline

Key outcomes of this course include:

1. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop for Beginners

  • Exploring Photoshop
  • Using the Help Feature
  • Image Copyrights
  • Digital Images

2. Working with image selections

  • Modifying Selections
  • Selection Techniques

3. Working with layers

  • Using Type Layers
  • Using Layer Effects
  • Creating Layers
    Modifying Layers

4. Adjusting images

  • Image Modes
  • Hue and Saturation Options
  • Levels Options

5. Resizing Images

  • Image Resolution
  • Image Canvas Size

6. Preparing finished images

  • Image for Web Use
  • Image for Print use
  • Printing Images
  • Importing Images

7. Retouching images

  • Repairing Defects in an Image
  • Removing Areas from an Image
  • Painting
  • Using Filters

Course duration

2 days

Who should attend

This course is designed for those individuals with limited knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

  • Delegates with limited Adobe Photoshop knowledge.

Prior learning requirements

  • Suitable IT skills and a familiarity with the Windows Operating System.

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