Web Design Practical Training Course

Web Design Practical Training Course


Whether for your business or for yourself, a web design practical training course will teach you the basics and even beyond web design. The main purpose of our training course is to enable our students to build from scratch a highly functional website. We take refreshingly practical type of approach to teaching our students the most useful stuff from WordPress, HTML, Ecommerce, social media integration, SEO, and many more.

We teach through engaging exercises, videos, text, HTML emulator, and code downloads. All these mean that your own learning experience is definitely efficient, effective, and interesting. Our web design practical training course ranges from beginner to more advanced levels and available in the most flexible times. Here, we only teach relevant subjects in our today’s web design industry. We teach latest tools and techniques while keeping you up to date. We share our real world experience to our students, which is something they cannot find in any book.


We are dedicated and motivated to providing a web design practical training course our students need. We know that we are now living in a highly modernized society in which each one of us should possess the basic skills in order to become updated and competent.

Our web design practical training course will help students in developing all the necessary skills. Having this kind of skill will ensure that you have complete body of the important knowledge right at your own disposal. While lots of self-taught engineers do not have problem when it comes to developing excellent websites that catch the attention of many visitors, they still miss the boat in terms of the fundamentals on how to create same websites that are easy to navigate, completely functional, and visible to the potential visitors or search engines.

Our web design practical training course not only helps in filling the gap in regards to the body of knowledge, but taking enough time to acquire the credentials can definitely increase your own reputation and business through showing your clients that you take your own work as well as education seriously.

Even expert web designers who learned their own trade through normal schooling can still benefit from our web design practical training course, thus helps them improve their web designing skills. We are aware that the industry-standard technique and current technology are constantly changing and making room in your own schedule for schooling can certainly help you bring your own current website designing skills up to date. This will be great help most especially if you work under contract for the outside employer and looking to earn promotion or qualify from bump in salary.


Course Outline

  • Planning Your Website
  • Creating Effective Website Content
  • Layout and Design
  • Designing Effective Navigation
  • HTML: The Language of the Web
  • CSS: Giving Your Pages Some Style
  • Javascript for Interactive Pages
  • Audio, Video and Flash
  • Tools for Website Design
  • Adding a Social Dimension
  • Content Management Systems
  • Testing and Launching
  • Promoting Your Website
  • Measuring Success


  • Photoshop
  • HTML
  • Dreamweaver


Web Design Practical Training Course

Web Design Practical Training Course


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