Professional Business Writing Training

Course Introduction

“Write Right”: Express yourself with ease with our Professional Business Writing Training

The Professional Business Writing course provides you with key business writing basics that will enable you to draft business letters, proposals as well as reports.  The term business writing deals with reports, proposals, memorandums, reports, emails, and other types of writing used in business to communicate externally and internally. Business writing is a form of professional communication. It is also often referred  to as business communication and professional writing.

Course Outline:

Key outcomes of this course include:

  • Introduction to writing skills
  • Effective sentences and paragraphs
  • Understanding proposal writing
  • Writing of Letter Proposals
  • Writing of Formal Proposals
  • Writing Specific Messages
  • Business letters and reports
  • Writing business opinions
  • Understanding Proposals
  • Customer proposals
  • Visually appealing proposals
  • Formal Proposals

Course duration

Two days

Who should attend

This course is suitable for the following individuals:

  • Leaders and managers who wish to improve on their business writing skills.
  • Sales People to improve proposals.
  • Staff who communicate internally or externally with customers or stakeholders.

Some Testimonials on Business Writing Courses

“This will help me write more meaningful and effective reports” Day Break

“Well presented in an easy and understandable format” Day Break

“The Training was well organised, and I enjoyed all the activities” Sage

Actions you intend applying ? “Watching my tone style when sending out emails, putting myself is the other persons shoes when it comes to complains.” Sage

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