BOTi Courses Overview – Overcoming Sales Objections Training

Course Introduction

Sales objections will occur no matter how good the product or service and to experience a sales objection can be a disheartening event. This is a normal part of the process of getting products and services to market.  In this course you will be taught how to eliminate the objection.

Overcoming sales objections is an essential element of the sales process, as it will open up a host of opportunities to make new sales and feed an existing relationship with new customer opportunities.

Course Outline

Key outcomes of this course include:

Component 1: Starting Out
• Housekeeping matters and administration
• The Parking Area
• program Objectives
• activity Plans as well as Evaluation Forms

Component 2: 3 Main Factors
• Skepticism
• Misunderstanding
• Stalling
• Component 2: Assessment Queries

Component 3: observing Objections as Opportunities
• Translating the Objection to a Question
• Translating the Objection to a Reason to Buy
• Training Example
• Component 3: Assessment Queries

Component 4: Getting to the Bottom
• Asking Appropriate Queries
• Common Objections
• Basic techniques
• Training Example
• Component 4: Assessment Queries

Component 5: Finding a Point of Agreement
• Outlining Features as well as Benefits
• Identifying Your distinctive Selling Position
• Agreeing with the Objection to Make the Sale
• Training Example
• Component 5: Assessment Queries

Component 6: Have the Client Answer their particular Own Objection
• Understand the Problem
• Render It Unobjectionable
• Training Example
• Component 6: Assessment Queries

Component 7: Deflating Objections
• Bring up Common Objections First
• The Inner Workings of Objections
• Training Example
• Component 7: Assessment Queries

Component 8: Unvoiced Objections
• How to Dig up the “Real Reason”
• Bringing their particular Objections to Light
• Training Example
• Component 8: Assessment Queries

Component 9: The 5 Steps
• Expect Them
• Welcome Them
• Affirm Them
• Complete Answers
• Compensating Benefits
• Component 9: Assessment Queries

Component 10: Dos as well as Do Nots
• Dos
• Do Nots
• Component 10: Assessment Queries

Component 11: Sealing the Deal
• Comprehending When It’s Time to Close
• Powerful Closing Techniques
• The Power of Reassurance
• Things to Remember
Concluding• Component 11: Assessment Queries

Component 12: Concluding
• Wise Men’s words
• Assessment of Parking Area
• Key Learnings
• Evaluations as well as Completion Of activity Plans

Course duration

1 day

Who should attend

This course is suitable for those individuals who aspire towards or are involved in the direct sales process.

Prior learning requirements


This course will assist delegates in understanding: Overcoming Sales Objections
For the Overcoming Sales Objections Training Course it is advisable that you have the following experience/knowledge:
None, course conducted in English

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