BOTi Courses Overview – Mastering Service Level Agreements and Contracts Training

Course Introduction

Many projects, processes and transactions in business involve the use of contracts. In a number of cases the individuals entrusted with implementing these activities are not consulted in setting up the contract or, if they are, they are not aware of the terms and conditions of the agreement until it is far too late. The terms and conditions of a contract can have a huge impact on the likelihood of meeting delivery expectations. Consequently, to help companies ensure that their employees understand contracts, BOTI is offering a training course on Business Contracts and SLAs.

Advantages of attending Mastering Service Level Agreements and Contracts

  • Risk Reduction.
  • Enforcement and ensuring contractual compliance to prevent breached and penalty clauses.
  • Productivity / operational effectiveness.
  • Forecasting is vastly improved with better data and analytics.
  • Financial Optimization – reduction in legal fees and and elimination of renewals of unwanted services and creates .
  • Spend Visibility.

Course Outline

  • Definition of what contract management is.
  • Contract types.
  • Contract elements.
  • Risks.
  • Breach of Contract & remedies.
  • Contract Termination.
  • Defining ethics and ethical breaches.
  • Contract management requests.
  • Tender Processes and impact on contracts: choosing potential bidders; RPF’s and technology; Calculating value; making a selection of preferred bidder.
  • How to formulate a contract.
  • Templates and software.
  • Compliance & wording.
  • Risks of non-compliance (penalty clauses, breach).
  • Contract negotiations (ensuring maximum value for your organisation).
  • Assessing performance.
  • Qualities of effective relationships & relationship pitfalls (ethics). Building trust & maintaining relationships.
  • Amending contracts; replacing clauses; describing amendments; amendment status.
  • Conducting audits and acting on results.
  • Reviewing contracts.
  • Confidentiality & Non-disclosure Agreements.
  • Dealing with contract performance and non-performance.
  • Arbitration & dispute resolution.
  • Payment terms & their financial implications.
  • Forward Cover.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Course Duration

3 day/s

Who should attend

This course is intended for anyone involved in contract management.

  • Job Supervisors.
  • Contract Managers.
  • Operations Managers.
  • IT Managers.
  • Sales Managers.
  • Engineering Managers.
  • Procurement Personnel.
  • Project Co-ordinators.
  • Job Engineers.
  • Sales Teams.

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