Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles – Introduction

In South Africa as in the rest of the world, leadership styles are used as a means of stereotyping managerial and leadership skills into specific buckets. The aim of this is often to understand how to deal with a specific leader or hone one’s own leadership skills.


Leadership Styles – Definition

A leadership style is a leader’s style, implementing plans, of providing direction and motivating people. There are many types of leadership styles in the political and business world.


Leadership Styles – Types

Types of leadership styles include:

  • Leadership Styles: Authoritarian  – leader keeps close, strict control over followers by keeping close regulation of policies and procedures given to followers. E.g. police officer directing traffic, a teacher ordering a student to do his or her assignment. This type is associated with of fear, where there is little or no room for dialogue and where complaining may be considered futile.
  • Leadership Styles: Paternalistic (fatherly) – acting as a father figure by taking care of their subordinates as a parent would. One negative is that the leader could start to play favorites in decisions.
  • Leadership Styles: Democratic – consists of the leader sharing the decision-making – promoting the interests of the group members and by practicing social equality.
  • Leadership Styles: Laissez-faire (“Let it be”)The laissez-faire leadership style is where all the rights and power to make decisions is fully given to the worker.
  • Leadership Styles: Transactional – focuses on motivating followers through a system of rewards and punishments.

Leadership Styles – Training

While one can use leadership styles to understand basic leadership traits and qualities, another source of acquiring leadership skills is through training courses including:

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Leadership styles

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