Human Resource Management Courses

Introduction: Human resource management courses

Human resource management courses: HR or “Human resources” , describes the how a business or company’s workforce operates. After all the most important assets of any organisation are its people. A company can have the latest technology and machinery but if it doesn’t have people to operate these can be they useless!

The followings tasks are undertaken in human resources management process:

  • Recruiting new staff  – qualified and capable individuals to fill positions that open up. Human Resources via hiring appropriate staff are vital to secure an organisation’s future success.
  • Keeping high levels of staff morale. In current environment people do not stay at an organization for many years. They often changes jobs. For this reasons high levels of Human Resource intervention is required to keep people happy and motivated.
  • Training existing employees

A key purpose of HR management is to ensure high levels of productivity in the workplace.


Human Resource Management Courses

Human Resource Management Courses


As can be seen above Human Resources play a vital role in the organization and it is essential that both managers are human resource officers are provided with the skills to perform their functions properly. Existing skills need to be supported by Human Resource Management Courses.

Outline: Human Resource Management Courses offered by BOTI

Human Resource Management Courses  can be offered in Johannesburg (Sandton), Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria – South Africa.

We offer a number of Human Resource Management Courses  including:


In addition to the above Human Resource Management Courses, we also offer other soft skills and computer courses..


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