Governance & Efficiency in Tendering and Supply Chain Management Course

Governance & Efficiency in Tendering and Supply Chain Management

The issuing of tenders for products and services encourages excellent rates and fairness and for any entity releasing them. The procedures can, nevertheless be intricate and comprehensive. We also need to understand how to enhance the Supply Chain Process so that we can minimize supply chain costs. To help you to enhance your tender procedures, we are running a series of courses entitled: “Top Governance in Tendering Process and Supply Chain Management”.

Benefits: Governance & Efficiency in Tendering and Supply Chain  Management

Some of the benefits of attending this course include:

  • Understand the bidding procedure from start to end.
  • Enhanced understanding of Supply Chain Management.
  • Allows you to plainly specify the tender requirements.
  • Develop a qualified assessment group of staff with all the skills to pick the most appropriate bidder.
  • Recognize the essential tender assessment criteria.
  • Be proficient in award tenders to qualified, high value providers that meet your organizational requirements.

Course Outline: Governance & Efficiency in Tendering and Supply Chain Management

Days 1-2: The Tendering Process

South African Government Laws (procedures) and Context

  • The PFMA and tendering.
  • Comprehending why organisations tender and exactly what they want to accomplish.
  • Terms and conditions of tendering.
  • Local Content requirements.
  • Business & Supplier Development and the DTI.
  • Start-up businesses & the tender procedures.
  • B-BBEE certificates requirements.
  • RSA Constitutional Provisions for tendering.
  • Key Principles of the PPPFA guidelines Municipal Finance Management Act.
  • Objectives of Government Tendering and how it supports the 5 x Pillars of Procurement.
  • Standard requirements for government quotes.
  • Preferential Procurement Regulations.

Contractual Components

  • General concepts of law and contract & breach of contract. Agreements, company representation, legal structures for acquiring in South Africa.

Procedures and Processes

  • Knowledge of the tendering  cycle
  • Preparing the bid spec – recording your requirements plainly
  • Where and the best ways to promote tenders
  • Interaction and openness in the bidding procedures
  • The tender request notification & the tender schedule
  • Closing dates and times
  • The distinction amongst: Expressions of Interests; Asking For Proposals (RFP); Asking For Tenders (RFT).
  • The tender evaluation requirements.
  • Who should be on the tender evaluation board or committee?
  • Evaluating tender files.
  • The adjudication procedure.
    • Do’s and Don’ts when communicating with bidders.
    • Factors for disqualification.
    • Ranking of bidders.
  • Compliance evaluation.
  • Risk evaluation.
  • Tender Approvals & Tender confidentiality.
  • The 3 primary committees in the tendering procedure and their functions.
  • Prohibitions: Who is permitted to tender? Defaulters and Restricted Suppliers.
  • Who must be included the bid collection procedure.
  • Recognizing unnecessary documents & examining procedures to guarantee files are appropriately assembled.
  • SARS Tax Clearance Certificates and other compliance.
  • Know what post‐submission actions are required and are appropriate.
  • Legal post‐bid settlements.
  • Recognizing and removing scams and fraud in the bidding procedures.
  • Grievance procedures and the Public Protector.

Day 3: Enhancing Supply Chain Process

  • Why Supply Chain Management?
  • Essential Terms.
  • Levels of Supply Chain Management.
  • 5 Stages of Supply Chain Management.
  • The Flows of Supply Chain Management.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Supply Chain Groups.
  • Tracking as well as Monitoring.
  • Supply Chain Event Management.


Who Should Attend:Governance & Efficiency in Tendering and Supply Chain Management

  • Professionals/ technical personnel included in the management of tenders.
  • Procurement workers.
  • Project supervisors/ group leaders associated with tenders.
  • Individuals who wish to understand the tender process better in order to improve your chances of winning contracts.
  • Anybody involved in preparation or examination of tenders/ quotes.
  • Tender Committee Members


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