Executive & Senior Management Program

Executive Management Program

Our Executive Management Program is unique and focuses on 5 core Areas:

  1. Strategy and South African Economy
  2. Business Acumen and Finance
  3. Role of Marketing.
  4. Maximising your Leadership Skills. This includes understanding: Servant Leadership and
    Role of the Millennials
  5. Maintaining a Strong Work Life Balance

Benefits From Attending: Executive Management Program

  • Expose yourself to comprehensive organisational principles
  • Gain a holistic understanding of business
  • Network with other specialists in Industry
  • Make yourself more valuable to your company
  • Improve your leaderships Skills

Outline: Executive Management Program

Day 1 Strategy and South African Economy & Business Acumen and Finance


  • Mission Vision and Goals of an organization
  • SWOT analysis with in-depth research study of all parts
  • Types of strategies and their use.
  • Implementing and keeping an eye on tactical plans.
  • Preparing action plans for implementation of strategic plan.
  • Comparing SWOT with other tools (e.g. PEST).
  • Understand the latest Economic Trends

Financing Aspects

  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Analyzing Statements; Income Ratios; Profitability Ratios; Liquidity Ratios; Working Capital Ratios
  • Bankruptcy Ratios; Long Term Analysis Ratios; Coverage Ratios; Leverage Ratios
  • (ROI) Return on Investments
  • Understanding Budgets
  • Advanced Forecasting Techniques
  • Managing the Budget

Business Acumen Course

  • Seeing the big picture
  • KPI’s Key Performance Indicators
  • Risk management strategies
  • Business acumen in Finance
  • Business acumen in management

Marketing and Internet Marketing

Marketing has changed along with new technology being developed. Old marketing tactics and haunts no longer bring in clients and clients themselves have changed. Our workshop introduces those in sales and marketing to new ideas, new techniques and gives participants new tools.

  • Definition of marketing
  • Common marketing types (Eg Guerrilla marketing, B2B marketing, B2C marketing, Promotional marketing
  • The marketing mix- i.e. Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Case study
  • Communication
  • Customer communication
  • Marketing goals
  • The marketing funnel
  • Marketing mistakes (eg. Not taking social media seriously)

Day 2 – Leadership And Influence Course & Servant Leadership

Understanding Leadership

  • Key outcomes of the course include:
  • The Evolution of Leadership
  • Situational Leadership
  • A Personal Inventory
  • Modelling the Way
  • Inspiring a Shared Vision
  • Enabling Others to Act
  • Encouraging the Heart
  • Basic Influencing Abilities
  • Setting Objectives

New Trends Servant leadership

Servant leadership can sound like a conflicting statement, however some people do have this leadership style. Our course in servant leadership teaches managers and potential managers how to lead from the back.

  • Definition
  • Leadership practices
  • Share the power
  • Characteristics of a servant leader
  • Barriers
  • Building a team community
  • Be a motivator
  • Be a mentor
  • Training future leaders
  • Self – reflection

Day 3: Generation Gaps & Work Life Balance

Generation Gaps Course

Because old and new workers must share the same space, we teach this course so that the workplace doesn’t become a battleground. The four generations discussed in this workshop are the traditionalists, the baby-boomers, generation x and generation Y.

  • History: Traditionalist; Baby Boomers; Generation X; Generation Y
  • Differences between Generations
  • Finding Common Ground
  • Conflict management

Work-Life Balance

A healthy balance should be maintained between work and home life. It is important as it increases productivity, it improves mental and physical health and it increases morale. An imbalance could be caused by poor health, absenteeism by oneself or one’s co-workers and burnout.

• Benefits of a healthy balance
• Signs of an imbalance
• Tips in Time management
• Goal setting
• Optional ways to work
• Stress management
• Working in a home office

Who Should Attend: Executive Management Program

  • MDs, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs
  • General Managers, Executive Managers, Senior Managers
  • Supervisors, Supervisors and Team leaders
  • Human Resources Managers & Staff
  • Experts wanting to widen their company exposure
  • Anyone else wishing to establish their holistic business skills

Public Schedule – Please Download Brochure and Booking Form

  • Johannesburg: 19-21 Feb 2018
  • Johannesburg: 14-16 May 2018
  • Johannesburg: 17-19 Sep 2018
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