Data, Records and Knowledge Management Training Course

Data, Records and Knowledge Management Training

Do you know where your key company records are? Well you could be exposing your organisation to huge risks!

Imagine this scenario…you purchase a new refrigerator. It’s a double door, makes water, ice-blocks and has all the latest technology… it is the best model that you could afford. A few months down the line, the it breaks. The till slip is no where to be found…you now can’t get a refund.

As essential as record keeping is at home, that’s how essential record keeping is in a company. If the entity can not prove payments or orders, the company could be in serious breaches of laws and regulations- not to mention the tax implications. BOTI’s workshop is required for any entity who needs to keep records (i.e. all entities). We provide a tailored course to get your records and archiving and working effectively in no time at all.

Together with the actual storage of document, we also cover a course on “Knowledge Management”. Knowledge Management is not only about storing knowledge, it is more about sharing knowledge, which is required in all companies. The proper application and use of knowledge management will improve change management, best business practices, risk management, benchmarking, efficiency and quality.

Benefits: Data, Records and Knowledge Management Training

The benefits of attending include:

Some of the benefits of attending this course include:

  • Reduce Orginizational Risk by having access to important documents.
  • Comply with various laws and regulation relating to data management.
  • Implement formal records and data management policies.
  • Put a strategy in place to have access to data at the right time and place
  • Control Access to data and ensure effective security.
  • Neat, accessible and orderly control of records and data.
  • Improve change management, best business practices, risk management, benchmarking, efficiency and quality through “Knowledge Management”

Outline: Data, Records and Knowledge Management Training

Day 1-2: Data & Records Training

  • What is records management.
  • Record cycle.
  • Build a data management system: data referencing & classification.
  • Data disposal and retention: store confidential documents and information; implement control measures.
  • Managing office stationery.
  • Filing systems and using Microsoft Outlook.
  • Policies and procedures & quality management.


Day 3: Knowledge Management Training

We have shifted to a new paradigm of storing knowledge, the focus is now on networking to accumulate knowledge.

  • Understanding Knowledge Management.
  • Knowledge Management Life Cycle.
  • Knowledge Management paradigm.
  • Knowledge Management models.
  • Building a Knowledge Management.
  • Customisation.
  • Implementation.
  • Tips for success.
  • Advanced Topics.

Course Duration: Data, Records and Knowledge Management Training

3 day/s

Who should attend: Knowledge Management Course

  • Clerks, people who need to store and manage high quantities of data
  • Record Managers and librarians
  • Managers of various levels (New Managers, Middle, Senior Mangers)
  • Project Managers
  • Secretaries
  • Administrators
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