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BOTI offers a number of courses across various fields. Ultimately employees are employed to “add value” to an organization.

BOTI believes principally that courses should be offered in an interactive manner. Although there are many types of training available to (eg, E-learning, mobile learning, social media and virtual training).

One may ask the question are lectures and  face to face training still relevant?

While all methods of training have their advantages and disadvantages – real interaction is a key component. A trainer who is subject expert can quickly address student concerns and questions right away and the delegate can instantly benefit form many years of prior experience. In addition learning together often results in students learning more effectively and retaining the information.Great trainer’s are appreciated as they are skilled at presenting data and excite, inspires, motivates and engages their audience.

Classroom learning works because:

1)      Subject matter experts are on hand to give on the spot practical help and answer questions.

2)      Opportunities to tackle subjects and questions outside the standard scope of the course.

3)      Instant assistance mistakes correction.

4)      Networking and interactions with other learners.

5)      Tools and techniques are displayed in practical manner.

6)     Engaging, interesting and enjoyable training by experts.

7)      One can adapt learning style quickly to level of class.

8)      Dedicated time in a quite environment allows one to focus your mind

9)      Many senses stimulated

10)  Important feedback from the other attendees and the facilitator.





In this context BOTI believes strongly in the context of face to face courses and has developed a range of courses to cater to many students needs. Although we do offer part time courses, this forms a much smaller component of our offerings.

Courses  are offered in Johannesburg (Sandton), Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria – South Africa.

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