Customer Service Standards & The Concept of a Great Customer Service

Customer Service Standards & The Concept of a Great Customer Service

The Customer Service is the first consideration of every consumer when they want to contact the company. It is a way for the consumers to share their appreciation with the company and also a way to resolve their concerns about the company. Companies use this opportunity as a way to forge a relationship with their customers as well as to initiate possible sales through sales training.

Great Customer Service

The Customer Service Standards is typically determined by 5 factors; the quality, delivery, access to information, the culture of the company and the insight of the consumers. The first thing you need is to identify your type of customer and consult them efficiently and effectively. The great customer service is contingent upon the thorough understanding of the customers. The company should also be highly dedicated to providing the best support for their customers. Their culture should be devoted primarily to the service of the consumers. After the effective understanding of the customers, you may know give them information about their concern. How much information will you be able to share with them? And how accurate will the data be? The next factor would be the delivery of the information, how will you be able to efficiently deliver the information? It should be in a timely and discreet manner. This is how the quality of your service is determined which is a customer service standard.

Before the representatives will be allowed to handle a true phone call, they will be first required to undergo different trainings such as sales training, technical training, billings, time management training and others. Most of the first part of the sales training will be solely devoted to the way they respond to the customer and how they will engage them. The most common reaction of the people when they found out that it is a sales representative is to hang their phone. No one wants to hear the voice of a sales representative at the first hour of the morning. The company will ensure that each representative will undergo a training that will lure the customers in listening to their sales rep.
The next training would be time management training. A sales representative should not spend a long time in talking with a prospected customer. She needs to know within the first 5 minutes if there is a possibility that the customer will initiate a purchase. If not, then she has to proceed on the other customers in the contact list. The salary of the sales rep is highly based on the amount of sales that they managed to execute, so it is essential for them to know the proper sales training and good time management training.

The quality, information, company culture, and training are some of the Customer Service standards that will help in creating a great customer service experience.

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