No more biting your tongue with communication skills

No more biting your tongue with communication skills

In any part of your life, communication skills are very important. In nearly every sector of your existence you will run into people and learning how to communicate and deal with these situations is very important. Communication skills are taught to you ever when you are a very young child. However, one can still learn communication skills when you’re older or even just learn to harness one specific communication skill.

Listening is very important and it truly is the start of any successful communication. However, it is also the most important one of all of our communication skills. We, as humans, often tend to want to skip this part and just speak. We quite often aren’t really interested in what the other person is saying and would rather just get our information across and leave. That is, however, the wrong attitude to have. Listening plays a very large role in the success of the conversation and if you are willing to spend an extra couple of seconds per conversation just listening you’ll learn to have much more fruitful conversations that will teach you a lot more than you think.

After listening, the next step is comprehending. When you comprehend the key is to look at the statement from the eyes of the person you’re speaking to. This way you’ll be able to identify his/her motives and beliefs of what they’ve just said. In doing so you’ll be able to make it significantly easier for yourself to analyze what they say and draw realistic conclusions and ideas about it. In comprehending, make sure you don’t take a stance that is overly aggressive or one that is overly submissive. You want to think in an assertive manner so that you’ll be able to logically formulate an argument or statement of agreement in response to what the person has said.

Lastly, you should speak your thoughts. When you are given time to voice your opinion you shouldn’t hold back unnecessarily. Unless there is information you’d rather not share, you should use this opportunity to reveal everything you feel about the situation. This way your stance will easily be identifiable and other people will be able to understand what you want and mean and not misunderstand you. Another tip is to make sure you speak clearly. You shouldn’t speak too quickly, nor use words that aren’t easily comprehendible by the person you’re speaking to. In doing so you’ll open the door to misinterpretation. There are many tips and courses just like this one on communication skills available on this site. Check it out; you might find something useful to you.

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