Lean Manufacturing Training

Introduction: Lean Manufacturing or lean production.

Performing at a higher level with less resources and ‘lean thinking.’ Are key components of lean manufacturing.

The quest to continually avoid or limit or reduce ‘muda’ waste or non value adding activites are key components of lean manufacturing. The Japanese use the word “muda” for the later. The principles of lean manufacturing can be applied to all components of the value chain including design, manufacturing, distribution, and client service.

This process was invented by Taiichi Ohno , Toyota executive after WW2  and was required during the reconstruction period in Japan.

5 steps have been crafted for undertaking lean manufacturing. Although these principles are easy to understand and remember they are often more difficult to put into practice especially if they are required to be applied across a broad range of people.

  1. Value from a customers point of view need to be understood for each product grouping.
  2. Document and understand all steps in the customer process that add value. Eliminate waste.
  3. Tight sequence and integration between each step is required in order to remove bottlenecks and create efficiencies,
  4. As flow is created, customers need to start pulling production.
  5. As value streams are defined, waste eliminated and flow and pull are introduced, the process needs to tightened further in order to reduce waste.

The principles of Kaizen are linked into the lean six sigma training. In this course key components are discussed including:

  • Kaizen,
  • fishbone diagram,
  • lean manufacturing,
  • Total Quality Management (TQM),
  • 5s,
  • Continuous improvement and
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (“oee”) are discussed.

For information please refer to the lean six sigma course.

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