Knowledge Management Training

Course Introduction

Knowledge management is a program or system designed to create, capture, share and aim knowledge towards the success of all. It requires changes and support at all levels in the company. Knowledge management can be applied to many areas of a company. Knowledge management is not only about storing knowledge, it is more about sharing knowledge, and sharing knowledge is an unlimited resource for companies. Knowledge management can be applied in training, operations, human resources, marketing, information technology and research and development.

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Prior learning requirements


Course Outline

Key outcomes of of this course include:

1. Introduction

Workshop objectives

2. Understanding knowledge management

What is knowledge
Defining knowledge management
A brief history
Applications in the workplace
Case Study

3. Knowledge management Life Cycle

Understanding episodes
Case Study

4. Tips for success

Chief Knowledge officer
Skills checklist
Management Imperative
The Hype curve
Obstacles and enablers to success
Case Study

5. Advanced Topics

Maturity model
Absorptive capacity
Process model types
Case Study

6. Do’s and Don’ts

Data, Information, Knowledge
Tacit mode
Explicit mode
Identifying conversion categories
Case Study

7. Knowledge management paradigm

Past paradigms
New Paradigms
Implications and applications
The End game
Case Study

8. Implementation

Gathering support
Identifying Opportunities
Key knowledge management techniques
Map for success
No-Budget scenario
Case Study

9. Topics not discussed

Post workshop overview

10. Knowledge management models

Nonaka and Takeuchi model (SECI)
Wiig Model
Kakabadse Model
Boisot Model
Case Study

11. Building a Knowledge Management

Why Rationale is necessary
Building a business case
Finding success stories
Customisation model
Case Study

12. Customisation

Components of the definition
Customising the components
Sample definitions
Creating a KMBOK
Case Study

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