Goal Setting and Getting Things Done Training

Course Introduction: Goal Setting and Getting Things Done Training

Setting Objectives is one of the most basic as well as essential abilities someone can formulate. We touch on goal characteristics, time management, as well as Exactly What to-do when setbacks occur. This particular program informs the understanding as well as abilities your delegates need to complete more tasks, as well as get things done.

Our Setting Objectives as well as Getting Things Done program will cover techniques to help your delegates deal with distractions as well as conquer procrastination. These abilities will translate into increased satisfaction in their particular professional as well as personal lives. Your delegates will discover the Setting Objectives characteristics of successful individuals as well as a result will become happier as well as more productive individuals.

Recommended Prior Experience and Knowledge: Goal Setting and Getting Things Done Training

This course will assist delegates in understanding: Goal Setting and Getting Things Done

For the Goal Setting and Getting Things Done Training Course it is advisable that you have the following experience/knowledge:
None, course conducted in English

Course Outline: Goal Setting and Getting Things Done Training

Johannesburg (Sandton), Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria – South Africa

Key outcomes of the course include:

Component 1: Starting Out
• Housekeeping matters and administration
• The Parking Area
• Program Objectives
• Pre-Assignment
• activity Plans as well as Evaluations

Component 2: Overcoming Procrastination (I)
• Eat That Frog!
• Just Do It
• The 15 Minute Rule
• Chop it Up
• Training Example
• Component 2: Assessment Queries

Component 3 Overcoming Procrastination (II)
• Eliminate Distractions
• Start Small as well as Build
• Reward Yourself
• Set Realistic Deadlines
• Training Example
• Component 3: Assessment Queries

Component 4: 4 P’s of Objectives Setting
• They Need to be Positive
• They Need to be Personal
• They Need to be potential
• They Need to be Prioritized
• Training Example
• Component 4: Assessment Queries

Component 5: Enhancing Motivation
• Remember Peak Moments
• Write Your Objectives Down
• utilize Gamification
• Track Your Progress
• Training Example
• Component 4: Assessment Queries

Component 6: Wise Time Management
• Urgent/essential Matrix
• The 80/20 Rule
• Utilize a Calendar
• Create a Ritual
• Training Example
• Component 6: Assessment Queries

Component 7: Tips for Completing Tasks
• 1 Minute Rule
• 5 Minute Rule
• Break Up Large Tasks
• Utilize Technology
• Training Example
• Component 7: Assessment Queries

Component 8: Increase Your Productivity
• Repeat Exactly What Works
• Get Faster
• Eliminate “Should” from Your Dictionary
• Build on Your achievements
• Training Example
• Component 8: Assessment Queries

Component 9: to-do List Characteristics
• Concentrate On the essential
• Chunk, Block, Tackle
• Make It a Habit
• Plan Ahead
• Training Example
• Component 9: Assessment Queries

Component 10: SMART Objectives
• particular
• Measurable
• Attainable
• Realistic
• Timely
• Training Example
• Component 10: Assessment Queries

Component 11: Mistakes Will Happen
• Accept It
• Bouncing Back
• Adapt as well as Learn from Them
• If Needed, Ask for Help
• Training Example
Concluding• Component 11: Assessment Queries

Component 12: Concluding
• Wise Men’s words
• Assessment of Parking Area
• Key Learnings
• Evaluations as well as Completion Of activity Plans

Course duration and fees: Goal Setting and Getting Things Done Training

Our one day training course is designed so that the knowledge acquired is applied practically, so that the business environment can be enhanced.

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