Coaching skills – do you have them?

Coaching skills – do you have them?

Every learner needs a coach. That’s just a fact that all people should understand and respect. However, have you ever considered becoming a coach? A coach is someone who teacher a learner anything from how to plot a graph to how to swing a baseball bat. This skill is something which could be very valuable and gain influence over many people whilst also helping those around you, an act which is just as important as making any amount of money is. When it comes to coaching it is widely believed that people are either born with the skill for it or not. However, that’s false to assume. There is a lot you can work on when it comes to coaching and people who used to be terrible at it could become good at it fairly quickly if they join a coaching and mentoring course. The thing about coaching and mentoring is that the relationship between the learner and the mentor needs to be very good and functional and that’s something that could be taught to you to improve your coaching skills.

The first simple trick to apply is to be open to personal criticism as a coach. You might think your coaching skills and ways of teaching people is the right way, but there are plenty of things to learn from other coaches. As this is an industry that focuses a lot on the value of getting taught and learning, coaches and mentors a like quite often forget the value of learning and adapting their skills to the coaches around them. Every now and then you should visit a coaching and mentoring course. This will open a door to you that will allow you to constantly perfect and refine your techniques.

Another trick you could be taught in a coaching and mentoring course is that you shouldn’t be too hard on the person you’re teaching or mentoring. You, just like them, was once in their position and just because you’ve refined your skills a lot more than them in a certain field doesn’t mean they’re inadequate. You need to remain patient with those you’re helping as that will truly make it a very special relationship the two of you have and you might end up learning just as much from them as they did from you.

If you want to refine your coaching skills, there are many ways to do that. Another good tip is to view biographies or read autobiographies of coaches and mentors who have now retired. Many football coaches and other sports coaches alike often release biographies giving tips to other coaches who take their positions over. You could obtain a copy of one of these and this will help you with your coaching skills. Coaching skills aren’t something you’re born with and not being an amazing coach when you’re young isn’t a bad thing – you’ll just have to learn it later on.

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