BOTi Courses Overview – Voice Training and Voice Coaching Training

Course Introduction

Exactly what is Voice Training and Voice Training?

Your voice doesn’t only communicates content – it could express much about yourself too. Like it or not, people make an assessment of you in line with the way you speak.  Essentially,  your professional achievements depend a lot on your ability to ‘talk the talk’.  Voice Training program is perfect for both local and non-native speakers of English. The program can easily target very specific goals and will allow you to:

Whether it is your personal world, your business, your country or anywhere else in the world, your voice resonates through your own world.

One has the privileged opportunity to change the world.

Voice Coaching develops your presence, credibility, persuasive power and confidence to help you speak from the heart to be a powerful, authentic and visionary leader.

Find your voice through Voice Coaching and Training ! – Fully guaranteed outcomes

Course Outline

  • ✔ Relaxing
  • ✔ Intercostal Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • ✔ Voice Pitch and Variety
  • ✔ Reading Aloud
  • ✔ Coping with Particular Voice Issues
  • ✔ Creating a Powerful and versatile sound
  • ✔ Projection
  • ✔ Audibility
  • ✔ Lucidity
  • ✔ Articulation
  • ✔ Pronunciation
  • ✔ Accent Neutralisation
  • ✔ talk with better influence and vocal presence
  • ✔ get over an ‘accent barrier’
  • ✔ improve your articulation to avoid ambiguity

Course Duration

Eight weeks, 1 hour weekly. Reserve the time you prefer.

Provided through Certified, Professional, Facilitators.

Our presenter posses certifications with approximately twenty years expertise in speech, Psychology and overall performance.

Individual Voice Program – Voice Coaching and Training

8 x 1 hour weekly sessions

Do you realy Mumble? Talk too Gently or perhaps Loudly?

Establish a Powerful Confident Speaking Voice Immediately

Delivery Method

Voice Coaching and Training is inclusive of: Pre as well as Post Voice Communication Skills evaluation, Training handbook, prior to as well as After Voice CD & Certification of Completion.

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Make a difference in your life. After all your voice and the way you speak are an integral component of yourself. Like your face, you have your voice for life – maximise it through Voice Coaching and Training

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