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Psychometric Tests

Why do Psychometric Testing

Use psychometric tests to improve your recruitment process!

Psychometric tests is a scientific approach utilized to determine people’ psychological abilities and behavioral abilities. Psychometric tests are created to determine a prospects’ appropriateness for a function based upon the needed character qualities and ability (or cognitive capabilities). They recognize the level to which a candidates’ character and cognitive capabilities are aligned with those needed to carry out the function. Companies utilize the info gathered from the psychometric test to recognize the hidden elements of candidate that would be difficult to draw out from an in person interview.

Psychometric Tests Benefits

Psychometric Tests:

  • suggests you are not relying exclusively on interviews
  • conserves companies money and time
  • can be utilized at any phase of the application procedure
  • has to do with determining abilities and capabilities, not simply education
  • offers a real photo of prospects
  • motivates consistency in recruitment
  • helps eliminates bias from your recruitment technique.
  • is fair to your prospects along with for you
  • secures and establish the culture of your office

Psychometric Tests Offered

General Assessments
Test Price (including VAT)
Occupation-based Personality Profile Assessment 1 436
Universal Personality Based Competency Assessment 4 150
Numeric, Verbal, Inductive, Deductive, Technical and Mechanical Reasoning Ability Assessment 1 037
Career Guidance Assessment 3 990
Leadership and Managerial Styles Assessment 9 257
Team Types and Leadership Style Assessment 3 000
General Reasoning, Critical Reasoning, Clerical Reasoning 1 277
Work Related Integrity and Risk Assessment 2 506
Four Factor Personality Preference Assessment (Development & Succession Planning) 5 107
Personal Profile Analysis (Selection & Recruitment) 4 628
Learning Potential Assessments 2 394
Emotional Intelligence Assessments 4 628
Integrity Assessments 2 953
Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word Competence Tests 1 357
Cognitive Potential Assessment 4 469
Standard Assessment Batteries (Selection & Recruitment), includes a number of assessments to provide a comprehensive profile of each candidate:
Graduate Level and Entry Level 5 905
Administrative or Clerical 5 905
Mid-Level / Supervisory 9 576
Management/ Senior Management 11 332
Executive Level 13 566
Standard Personal Development Assessment Battery:
Personal Development 5 985

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