Morocco Course / Education

Morocco Course / Education

Morocco Course: BOTI can offer its courses (education) throughout Africa including Angola. Potential areas  (subject to availability) where course or courses / education can be offered include: Agadir, Ain Beni Mathar, Aïn Harrouda, etc

Morocco course: Affordable –  Training Course / courses that are being offered in Africa  – Project Management, Soft skills, Computer training, excel training, PC training!                                    TABLE BELOW REPRESENTS HYPOTHETICAL (NOT HISTORICAL) COURSE COMBINATIONS IN NEWLY OFFERED AFRICAN MARKET
Town/ CitySoft Skills Example 1Soft Skills Example 2IT Skills 1
.MOROCCOAssertiveness SkillsCommunication StrategiesMicrosoft Access Intermediate Training Course
AgadirAsset ManagementConducting a MeetingMicrosoft Office All-In-One Training Course
Ain Beni MatharAttention ManagementConflict ManagementMicrosoft Office Outlook Intermediate  Training Course
Aïn HarroudaBasic BookkeepingConflict Management & Negotiation SkillsMicrosoft Office PowerPoint Advance Training Course
Aïn SebaaBeing A Likeable BossConflict ResolutionMicrosoft Office PowerPoint Beginner Training Course
Ait BahaBody Language BasicsCorporate Governance TrainingMicrosoft Office PowerPointIntermed Training Course
Ait MelloulBudgets And Financial ReportsCreating a Great WebinarMicrosoft Office Windows Server
Aït MelloulBuilding and Working in TeamsCreative Problem SolvingMicrosoft Office Word Advanced
Al HoceïmaBusiness AcumenCritical ThinkingMicrosoft Office Word Beginners
AnzaBusiness Optimization through Lean Six SigmaCustomer ServiceMicrosoft Publisher Beginners Training Course
AsilahBusiness Protocol & EtiquetteCustomer Service ExcellenceMicrosoft Publisher PowerPoint Advance Training Course
AzemmourBusiness EthicsData and Records ManagementMicrosoft SharePoint 2010 – End User Level 1 Training Course
AzrouBusiness Ethics – A Practical GuideDelivering Constructive CriticismMicrosoft SharePoint 2010 – End User Level 2 Training Course
Ben SlimaneBusiness EtiquetteDeveloping  a Lunch and LearnMicrosoft SharePoint 2010: Configuring, Administering & Troubleshooting
BenguerirBusiness Succession PlanningDeveloping Corporate BehaviorMicrosoft SharePoint 2010:Designing a SharePoint Infrastructure Training Course
Beni MellalBusiness WritingDeveloping CreativityMicrosoft SQL Server 2012 
BerkaneCall Center ManagementDeveloping New ManagersMicrosoft SQL Server 2012 
BerrechidCall Centre and Customer ServiceDigital CitizenshipMicrosoft Visio Advanced 
BiougraCall Center TrainingDiversity ManagementMicrosoft Visio Beginners 
Bir JdidChange ManagementEffective Business Writing and Communication SkillsMicrosoft Windows 7 Beginners
Bir-JdidChange ManagementEffective Disciplinary HearingMicroStation
BoufakraneCivility In The WorkplaceEffective Sales Training CourseMicroStation Training
BoulaouaneCoaching And MentoringEmail EtiquetteMicroStation Training Fundamentals Training Course
BouskouraCollaborative Business WritingEmotional intelligenceMs Office Advanced 2013 Satur
BouznikaCommunication StrategiesEmotional IntelligenceMs Office Excel Advanced 2010Satur
BreichConducting a MeetingEmployee MotivationMs Office Excel Advanced 2013 Training Course
CasablancaConflict ManagementEmployee OnboardingMs Office Excel Advanced 2013 Satur
DakhlaConflict Management & Negotiation Skills10 Soft Skills You NeedMs Office Excel Beginners 2010Satur
Dar Bou AzzaConflict ResolutionAdministrative Office ProceduresMs Office Excel Beginners 2013 Training Course
El JadidaCorporate Governance TrainingAdvanced Interpersonal SkillsMs Office Excel Beginners 2013 Saturd
ErrachidiaCreating a Great WebinarAdvanced Microsoft Excel  Ms Office Excel Intermediate 2013 Sat
EssaouiraCreative Problem SolvingAnger ManagementMs Office Excel Intermediate 2013 Training Course
FezCritical ThinkingAppreciative InquiryMS Projects 2010 Training Course
GoulimimeCustomer ServiceAssertiveness And Self-ConfidenceMS Projects 2013 Training Course
HabibCustomer Service ExcellenceAssertiveness SkillsMs Windows SharePoint Designer 2010 Training Course
IfraneData and Records ManagementAsset ManagementOutlook Beginners Training Course
Imi-n-TanouteDelivering Constructive CriticismAttention ManagementProgramming In C#  Windows
Jorf LasfarDeveloping  a Lunch and LearnBasic BookkeepingProgramming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 
Kasba TadlaDeveloping Corporate BehaviorBeing A Likeable BossProject Management Fundamentals
Kenitra (ex Port Lyautey)Developing CreativityBody Language BasicsQuerying MS SQL Server 2012
KhemissetDeveloping New ManagersBudgets And Financial ReportsQuerying MS SQL Server 2014 
KhouribgaDigital CitizenshipBuilding and Working in TeamsSage Pastel Partner V14 Advanced
Ksar el KebirDiversity ManagementBusiness AcumenSage Pastel Partner V14 Intermediate
Ksar es SghirEffective Business Writing and Communication SkillsBusiness Optimization through Lean Six SigmaSage Pastel Payroll Administration Certification
Ksar Es SoukEffective Disciplinary HearingBusiness Protocol & EtiquetteSage Pastel Windows Server
Ksar MajazEffective Sales Training CourseBusiness EthicsSage Pastel Xpress Version V14
Laayoune (El Aaiun)Email EtiquetteBusiness Ethics – A Practical GuideSagePastel Intro to Bookkeeping
LaracheEmotional intelligenceBusiness EtiquetteSharePoint  Training Course
LisasfaEmotional IntelligenceBusiness Succession PlanningSoftware Development Fundamental : Training for MTA Exam 98-361
MarrakechEmployee MotivationBusiness WritingTraining Advanced Training Course
MartilEmployee OnboardingCall Center ManagementTraining Course
Mediouna10 Soft Skills You NeedCall Centre and Customer ServiceAdminister Windows Server 2012
MeknèsAdministrative Office ProceduresCall Center TrainingAdobe Acrobat Advanced
MelloussaAdvanced Interpersonal SkillsChange ManagementAdobe Acrobat Beginners Training Course
Mohammed V International AirportAdvanced Microsoft Excel  Change ManagementAdobe Dreamweaver
MohammediaAnger ManagementCivility In The WorkplaceAdobe Dreamweaver Advanced  Training Course
Moulay Bou SelhamAppreciative InquiryCoaching And MentoringAdobe Flash Advanced course  Training Course
NadorAssertiveness And Self-ConfidenceCollaborative Business WritingAdobe Flash Beginners
NouasseurAssertiveness SkillsCommunication StrategiesAdobe Illustrator Advanced Training Course
OuarzazateAsset ManagementConducting a MeetingAdobe Illustrator Beginners  Training Course
Oued ZemAttention ManagementConflict ManagementAdobe In Design Advanced  Training Course
OujdaBasic BookkeepingConflict Management & Negotiation SkillsAdobe In Design Beginners  Training Course
Ouled SalahBeing A Likeable BossConflict ResolutionAdobe Photoshop Training  Course
RabatBody Language BasicsCorporate Governance TrainingAdobe Photoshop Training Course
Roches NoiresBudgets And Financial ReportsCreating a Great WebinarAutoCAD 2014 Advanced Training Course
SafiBuilding and Working in TeamsCreative Problem SolvingAutoCAD 3D Drawing Beginners  Training Course
SaidiaBusiness AcumenCritical ThinkingAutoCAD Civil 3D
SaléBusiness Optimization through Lean Six SigmaCustomer ServiceAutoCAD Electrical Essentials Training Course
SefrouBusiness Protocol & EtiquetteCustomer Service ExcellenceAutoCAD Essentials Evening Classes
SettatBusiness EthicsData and Records ManagementAutoCAD Essentials Saturday Classes
Sidi BibiBusiness Ethics – A Practical GuideDelivering Constructive CriticismAutoCAD Inventor Advanced Training Course
Sidi IfniBusiness EtiquetteDeveloping  a Lunch and LearnAutoCAD Plant 3D Essentials Training Course
Sidi KacemBusiness Succession PlanningDeveloping Corporate BehaviorAutoCAD Revit MEP Essentials Training Course
Sidi SlimaneBusiness WritingDeveloping Creativity

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