Management, Supervisor And Leadership Development Training

The Management And Leadership Development Training Courses enables managers / supervisors to do the following:

  • Gain insight into the role of leadership within a work context, providing skills and knowledge to add value to one’s job.
  • Explain the concept of leadership.
  • Differentiate between leadership and management.
  • Analyze and compare leadership theories.
  • Apply different roles and qualities of leadership in a work context.
  • Recognize team member performance.
  • Encourage participation in decision-making.
  • Delegate tasks.
  • Review decisions and progress with delegated tasks.

Addressing Challenges with Leadership and Supervisors

Challenges Addressed by Leadership and Supervisor Training

  • Communication Breakdowns: Effective leadership training enhances communication skills, reducing misunderstandings and ensuring clear directives.
  • Conflict Resolution: Training equips supervisors with conflict resolution skills, minimizing workplace disputes and fostering a harmonious environment.
  • Low Morale: Improved leadership helps create a positive work culture, boosting employee morale and engagement.
  • Decreased Productivity: Supervisors trained in effective management methods can optimize team performance, leading to increased productivity.
  • Goal Alignment: Training ensures leaders and supervisors understand organizational goals, aligning team efforts toward achieving these objectives.

Overall, leadership and supervisor training aim to create a conducive work environment, enhance team dynamics, and drive organizational success.

The Solution.

The outcomes of the course (Management And Leadership Development Training Course) include:

  • Explain the concept of leadership. Various definitions of leadership are identified and explained with examples in the workplace. The roles and qualities of a leader are explained using examples. Qualities of a leader should include at least five examples but are not limited to humaneness, empathy, objectivity, transparency, accountability, responsibility, honesty, integrity, assertiveness, consistency, reference to historical and present leaders. Leadership roles include but are not limited to being a visionary, motivating self and others, creating synergies, facilitating a developmental environment, being an innovator, being creative.
  • Differentiate between leadership and management. Leadership and management are defined and differentiated using examples. The roles and qualities of a leader are differentiated and compared with those of a manager in a work context. The concepts of accountability and responsibility pertaining to a leader and manager are discussed and explained in terms of advantages and disadvantages in the work place.
  • Analyze leadership theories. At least four different leadership theories must be identified and analyzed.
  • The various theories of leadership are identified and discussed in a work context. Trends and developments relating to the different leadership theories are examined with examples. The various leadership theories are justified in terms of advantages and disadvantages.
  • Apply the different roles and qualities of leadership in a work context. The roles and qualities within leadership contexts are analyzed with examples. The leadership style of selected leaders are analyzed in order to determine its effect in a context.
  • Recognize team member performance. The role, duties, and responsibilities of each team member in the section/division/department. Team members are told what they do well, what needs improvement and what is expected in the future. All feedback is measured against performance expectations. Feedback is given properly.
  • Encourage participation in decision-making. Team members are included in division/section/department decision-making and are encouraged to think of solutions to the problem being as innovative as possible.
  • Delegate tasks. The work plan or task is analyzed and broken down into smaller tasks. The delegated tasks must be clearly communicated to employees indicating what is expected, how it must be done and where to get help, if necessary.
  • Review decisions and performance of delegated tasks. Decisions taken are reviewed in small-group and/or whole group situations to decide on their success in reaching the stated objectives. Correct decisions are confirmed and incorrect decisions are rescinded or amended so as to enable the objectives to be met.

Our objective is to ensure that the acquired tools and knowledge are user-friendly and easily applied in the workplace.

Course Benefits

10 Short Advantages of Attending the Course

  • Enhance leadership skills within a work context.
  • Understand and apply key concepts of leadership and management.
  • Analyze and compare leadership theories for practical application.
  • Recognize and encourage team member performance effectively.
  • Develop decision-making and delegation skills for better results.
  • Gain insights into maintaining and achieving customer service levels.
  • Learn to measure and improve customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis.
  • Receive after-training assistance for 3 months for practical implementation.
  • Access relevant tools and models on a memory stick provided after the course.
  • Boost creativity and innovation through the included Innovation & Creative Thinking Training.

Who Should Attend?

This course is specifically designed for:

  • Managers: Individuals in managerial positions seeking to enhance their leadership skills and improve customer relations within their teams.
  • Team Leaders: Those responsible for leading teams and looking to understand and implement effective customer service strategies.
  • Supervisors: Individuals in supervisory roles aiming to develop the necessary skills to monitor and improve customer service levels.
  • Department Heads: Leaders responsible for specific departments or sections looking to align their teams with organizational customer service standards.
  • Anyone in Customer-Facing Roles: Professionals interacting directly with customers, whether internal or external, who want to enhance their customer service skills and contribute to organizational success.



BOTI will design your Service Seta Accredited course around your specific management level, whether junior or senior. Course duration can be between 1 – 5 days depending on your requirements.


‘I have learnt more about myself, my skills and how to make some positive changes. I did not expect the course to be so informative and positive and inspiring. I feel like a different person. For me, the course was more than what I expected, so I would not change anything. The facilitator was amazing.’
Melissa Bester – Aveng Grinkaker-LTA Mechanical & Electrical

‘The course was not only about work but it was also about personal changes. The content in the presentation was excellent. The best thing about this course was the focus on work and changing individual lives.’
Mini Mokoena – Department of Economic, Small Business, Development & Environmental Affairs

‘This course confirmed my realization for a need to make changes in my life to positively change my future. What went well for me were the presentations and the ability to interact with all the participants. The best thing about this course was the instructor’s drive to go beyond and exceed my expectations.’
Mpho Malakoane – Department of Economic, Small Business, Development & Environmental Affairs

‘Through interactions and discussions I learnt the importance of good leadership in taking an organization forward. What went well for me was the fact that the training was very interactive thus allowing every individual to voice their opinions on matters. The best thing about this course was the manner in which it was presented, it was very practical. Thank you very much Jaini for opening my eyes on a lot of issues, this has been very beneficial training.’
Michelle Selo – Department of Economic, Small Business, Development & Environmental Affairs

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