Q: What happens if you would like to attend the course but can’t make the dates provided?

If you are from a particular company and are able to obtain 7 more delegates from your company to attend training on your requested date, we can accommodate you gladly. Please click on the link to send your proposed dates.

Q: I would like to attend, but am the only one from my company?

We offer in-house training at a company’s request, as well as training at our advertised venue.

Q: Pros and cons of in-house vs “open” training?

“Open” training means the training is open to all companies and we can accommodate up to 20 delegates per course.

‘Open training” as opposed to “in-house training” has its advantages in that delegates get exposed to how other companies operate – i.e., best practices and also provides networking opportunities for new business.

In-house training has the benefit of all delegates being on the same page and cross functionality plays an important role in understanding the impact that each department has on one another. For example, how hand-offs from one business unit can affect the efficiency and productivity of another business unit.

In- house training further allows for delegates to work as an integrated unit as opposed to working in silos. The better the interdependence is understood, the stronger the relationship – which all affects productivity, efficiency and ultimately the bottom line!

Q: What has been the single biggest reason for your success?

We help companies succeed by unleashing the power of their work forces to focus and execute on top business priorities.
Our solutions are based on timeless universal principles, imparted through the highest quality training.

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