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Become a top sales expert and improve the bottom line

Course Introduction

Improve your bottom line performance and easily win over new business with our Effective Sales Training Course.  This comprehensive course will equip you with  tools to apply personal selling skills to products or services, apply closing techniques to sell products or services and overcome sales objections.

The Challenge 

Sales are key to any organization’s survival and profitability. This course provides the necessary skills to enhance the skills of sales people and sales teams  in order to achieve their objectives.

The Solution 

  • Apply personal selling skills to sell products or services.  Product, service and client information is established in relation to selling the product or service.  Techniques are incorporated in relation to listening, observation and questioning in relation to closing the deal.  Techniques are incorporated and applied that identify and qualify the customers and their needs. Sales presentation techniques are applied to enable the deal to be closed. Techniques are incorporated and applied that allow for the handling of objections by the customer.


  • Apply closing techniques to sell products or services . Closing or buying signals are observed and response is applied accordingly.  Finalizing the sale/deal in terms of confirmation of commitment or decision to purchase is demonstrated. Techniques to close the sales are demonstrated.   All relevant documentation to confirm the deal is completed. Processes for follow-up with customers are applied in terms of monitoring the fulfilment of the deal.


  • Identify and solve problems pertaining to closing techniques. 


  • Collect, evaluate, organise and critically evaluate information so as to make a decision as to when to apply closing techniques to close the deal.


  • Communicate effectively with customers when establishing the time to close the deal.


  • Understand the world as a set of related systems in that asking for the order is part of closing the deal and obtaining the sale.

Delivery Method

  • Two-day Instructor Led classroom (Sales Training South Africa) based training
  • Strong delegate participation and practical application of theory

Our objective is to ensure that the acquired tools and knowledge are user friendly and easily applied in the workplace.

Benefits of attending this course

  • Enhanced Ability to Retain Top Talent-– Your leading sales staff are always seeking development in the Sales Training South Africa Course. Growth not just in their earnings, but in their individual and expert advancement. By continuing their education, you’re making sure that they grow not just in their capabilities as a sales individual, but in broadening their chances to grow within the business also.Some sales staff search for management opportunities, while others are seeking to make more complex, bigger sales. Continuing education enables you to connect with your whole group and find out more about their strengths and weak points, in addition to their goals for the future. Understanding your staff better throughout this process also shows to your staff that you value them.


  • Talking the Talk— Understanding your customers’ vocabulary can boost your sales group’s capability to get in touch with their potential customers and customers on a much deeper level. By creating a better relationships, your potential customers will seem like they are being spoke to as peers, instead of being viewed as just being a “potential sale”. Each customer base has various requirements, desires, and methods of speaking about their issues. A lead can rapidly hear the distinction from a sales expert who genuinely comprehends their market, and one that is simply selling an item.


  • Best Practices— Assuming that sales individuals constantly are up to date with the latest best practices is reckless. Establishing a constant training schedule empowers your group to keep those practices in mind. It likewise assists the group prevent slipping into bad practices.


  • Enhanced Understanding of Products and Services— It’s simpler to close sales when you understand a services or product inside and out. Sales training informs associates about the services and products that they represent, making sure that they have the ability to highlight the most appropriate functions and assist potential customers comprehend why these services or products will assist grow their business. If you visited your Doctor for a cold and he recommended Tylenol, then you visited him 3 weeks later on for a damaged leg and he recommended Tylenol once again … you may not trust him. Is that the only medication he utilizes?  Why does he desire me to utilize Tylenol so badly? Your sales associates must not feel like they constantly need to recommend “Tylenol.”.


  • Much Better Forecasting— Sales training teaches associates ways to develop reasonable sales objectives, and more significantly the best ways to achieve those objectives. A sales representative who really comprehends the sales procedure, understands precisely what it requires to bring a brand-new customer on board, and can much better anticipate on their own exactly what they will achieve monthly. The advantages of much better forecasting are far reaching within the business, however there is likewise a substantial advantage for the customer too.

All delegates will receive

  • Material, refreshments (lunch, tea)
  • Memory stick (with relevant tools and models that can be easily accessed when applied back at work)

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