Corporate Governance and Ethics Training Course

Corporate Governance and Ethics Training Course

Be a leader in Corporate Governance and Ethics!

Corporate governance is the process whereby a corporation polices itself. Simply put, it is an approach of governing the business like an independent county; instating its own customised policies and laws to its workers from the top to the bottom. Corporate governance is meant to increase the accountability of your business and to prevent huge catastrophes prior to them happening. The failed Enron and problems at Stienhoff are a prime argument for the value of strong business governance.

The course will also demonstrate to participants that corporate governance makes good business sense and can add value to the business.

Benefits of attending Corporate Governance and Ethics Course

The advantages of attending this course include:

  • Improved compliance to regulations
  • Improved reputation
  • Limiting an entity’s exposure to fines and criminal sanctions
  • Imprving controls and processes
  • Improved awareness of corporate governance.
  • Reducing potential fraud and conflicts of interest.

Corporate Governance and Ethics Course: Outline

Areas covered include:

  • Introduction.
  • Apply corporate governance.
  • The principles of corporate ethics.
  • Roles and responsibilities of managers;
  • Communication of corporate governance.M
  • Monitoring and evaluating improvements.
  • Improving Culture.
  • Identify unethical conduct.
  • Demonstrate ethical conduct.
  • Implementing ethics in the Workplace.
  • Business as well as social Responsibilities.
  • Ethical decisions.
  • Whistle blowing.
  • Managerial ethics.
  • Ethical principles.
  • Ethical safeguards.
  • Performing an internal ethics audit.
  • Developing a Code of Ethics.
  • Upholding the Ethics Program.
  • Assurance and auditing.
  • Governance and Risk Management.
  • Stakeholder relationships.
  • The main Corporate Governance requirements of the Companies Act; the King IV Report; PFMA Act
  • Performance and Reporting.
  • Governing structures and Delegations of Authority.

Corporate Governance and Ethics Course: Duration

3 day/s

Who should attend: Contract Management Course

    • This course is intended for all managers.
    • Managers of internal audit departments and other assurance functions
    • Anybody else with an interest in Corporate Governance
    • All directors and executive managers of organisations
    • Members of Board Committees
    • Company secretaries.

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