Quick Look Course Summary:BOTi Essential Course – Call Centre Training
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

  • Price: 1 Person R 3,982.50 EX VAT 3 Person R 2,509.17 EX VAT 10 Person R 1,795.98 EX VAT

  • Certification Type: Non-Accredited

  • Locations & Venues: Off-site or in-house. We train in all major city centres throughout South Africa.

Call Centre Training: The What

In this course we teach trainees to develop the already exceptional skills that they have working with people. This workshop will help participants define and understand call centre strategies, we will teach trainees to identify the different types of buying motivation and we will link this course back to our soft skills course by teaching the SMART method to create and attain goals. Effective communication and telephone etiquette are the cornerstones we will build upon.

BOTi's Program Outline

Component 1: Starting Out

Housekeeping matters and administration

The Parking Area

Activities to break the ice

Program Objectives

Component 2: The Basics (I)

Establishing a Call Strategy

Defining Buying Motives


Training Example

Assessment Queries


Component 3: The Basics (II)

Controlling the Call

Getting Beyond the Gate Keeper


Challenging Customers

Assessment Queries

Training Example

Component 4: Phone Etiquette

Generating Rapport


Effective Listening

Speaking Clearly - Tone of Voice

Training Example

Assessment Queries

Component 5: Tools

Utilizing Sales Scripts

Self Assessments

The Sales Dashboard

Making the Script Your Own

Assessment Queries

Training Example

Component 6: Speaking Like a Star

S = Scenario

T= Task

A= Action

R = Result

Training Example

Assessment Queries

Component 7: Kinds of Queries

Open Queries

Ignorant Redirection

Closed Question

Negative Redirection

Multiple Choice Redirections

Positive Redirection

Assessment Queries

Training Example

Component 8: Benchmarking

Performance Breakdown

Benchmark Metrics


Training Example

Implementing Improvements

Assessment Queries

Component 9: Setting Objectives

SMART Objectives

Staying Committed

The Significance of Objectives

Overcoming Limitations


Training Example

Assessment Queries

Component 10: Essential Steps

6 achievements Factors

The ability of Telephone Persuasion

Telephone Selling Techniques

Training Example

Assessment Queries

Staying Customer Focused

Component 11: Closing

Knowing When It Is Time to Close

After the Sale

Maintaining the Relationship

Training Example


Closing Techniques

Assessment Queries

Component 12: Concluding

Wise Men's words

Assessment of Parking Area

Evaluations as well as Completion Of activity Plans

Call Centre Training: Course Duration

1 day/s

Call Centre Training: Who should attend

This course is intended for those working in customer service. **Quote does not include Any Exam Fees (if applicable) IMPORTANT ACTION: Do Not Wait To Improve Your Skills. Book Now By Completing Online Booking Form / Customised Proposal or Obtain Approval For Your Already Received Customised Proposal

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