The BOTi Guide to Applying for a SETA Mandatory or Discretionary Grant

The BOTI Guide to Applying for a SETA Mandatory or Discretionary  Grant 

Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s) offer mandatory as well as discretionary grants.

When you apply to a SETA for a grant the process can be quite complex.  Once you have decided what you would like to pursue, we will assist you with the application process and we will also help you complete the necessary documentation to ensure that the process is as seamless as possible.

Types of grants

Mandatory Grant

Companies who are eligible to receive funding may apply for a mandatory grant.  Mandatory grants are calculated at 20% of an employer’s 1% skills levy.

Employers need to submit a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and an Annual Training Report on around 30 April each year in order to claim back the 20% as a mandatory grant.

Payment of mandatory grants is made quarterly.  However, an unclaimed mandatory grant will be transferred to the relevant SETA’s discretionary fund.

  • How to apply for a mandatory grant

Applying for a mandatory grant can usually either be done online or manually.  However, each SETA has its own individual governing policies and the relevant SETA will need to be contacted.   The list below is a quick guideline in respect of each SETA’s policies.

Discretionary Grant

A discretionary grant is awarded at the discretion of the particular SETA.  Discretionary grants are awarded in respect of skills development projects that are linked to scarce and critical skills.

  • PIVOTAL Programmes

It is a requirement for SETA’s to focus on funding in terms of Professional, Vocational, Technical and Academic Learning programmes, however, grants can nevertheless be awarded for PIVOTAL and non-PIVOTAL programmes alike in line with SETA policies.

Prior to any training or other activity related to a skills development project can commence, applications for Discretionary Grants should be made and approved.

To find out if you qualify for funding, contact the relevant SETA and we will assist you with the grant application process.


SETA Types of Grants Training Programmes Contact Details
AgriSETA Mandatory/Discretionary Bursaries, Internships, Learnerships, Artisan Development, Adult Education and Training Programme (AET), Skills Programmes and Land Reform and Mentoring Projects


[email protected]


+ 27 (0) 12 301 5600

BANKSETA Mandatory/Discretionary Bursaries, Internships, Learnerships, Letsema Post Matric Learnership and Kuyasa Post Graduation Learnerships


+27 11 805 9661


Construction Education and Training Authority SETA Mandatory/Discretionary Apprenticeships, short skills programmes and learnerships


+27 11 265 5900

Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority (CHIETA) Mandatory/Discretionary Apprenticeships, Learnerships and Skills Programmes


[email protected]


+27 11 726 4026

Culture Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sports SETA (CATHSETA) Mandatory/Discretionary Learnerships, Internships, Work Integrated Learning Programmes, Apprenticeships, Skills Programmes and Bursaries


[email protected]


+27 11 217 0600

Energy and Water SETA (EWSETA) Mandatory/Discretionary Apprenticeships, Learnerships, Bursaries and Internships  

[email protected]


+27 11 689 5300

Education, Training and Development Practices SETA Mandatory/Discretionary (Levy Grant Scheme) Learnerships, Apprenticeships, Skills Programmes and any other prescribed learning programmes which includes a structured work experience component.


+27 31 304-5930

Financial and Accounting Services SETA (FASSET) Mandatory/Discretionary Academic Bridging Programmes (PIVOTAL/Non-PIVOTAL, Bursaries and Student Loans


[email protected]


+27 11 476 8570

Fibre Processing & Manufacturing SETA Mandatory/Discretionary Apprenticeships, Learnerships, and Skills Programmes


[email protected]


+27 11 234 2311

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry SETA Mandatory/Discretionary AET Programmes, Apprenticeships, Learnerships, Bursaries, Unit Standard Based Skills Programmes and Work integrated Learning


[email protected]


+27 11 253 7300


Health and Welfare SETA Mandatory/Discretionary Learnerships, Skills Programmes, Internships and Bursaries


[email protected]


+27 11 607 6900

Insurance SETA Mandatory/Discretionary Learnerships, Internships, Bursaries and Skills Programmes


[email protected]


+27 11 544 2000

Local Government SETA Mandatory/Discretionary Learning Programmes, Learnerships, Apprenticeships, Skills Programmes and structured work experience programmes


[email protected]


+27 11 456 8579

Media, Advertising, Information and Communication Technologies SETA Mandatory/Discretionary Learnerships, Internships and Short Courses


+27 11 207 2600

Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services SETA Mandatory/Discretionary Occupational Qualifications and Learning Programmes (including Learnerships and Skills Programmes)


+27 10 219 3000

Mining Qualifications Authority SETA Mandatory/Discretionary Skills Programmes, Artisan Learnerships and Non-Artisan Learnerships


[email protected]


+27 11 630 3500

Public Service SETA Mandatory/Discretionary Learnerships, Internships, Work Integrated Learning Programmes, Apprenticeships, Skills Programmes and Bursaries


[email protected]


+27 12 423 5700

Safety and Security SETA Mandatory/Discretionary Skills Programmes, Bursaries, Internships, Apprenticeships and Learnerships

[email protected]

086 110 2477


Services SETA Mandatory/Discretionary Learnerships, Internships, Recognition of Prior Learning, Adult Education and Training, Apprenticeships, Trade Tests, Skills Programmes and Bursaries


[email protected]


+27 11 276 9600

Transport SETA Mandatory/Discretionary Learnerships, Apprenticeships, Skills Programmes, Recognition of Prior Learning and Internships


[email protected]


+27 11 781 1280 / 0197

Wholesale and Retail SETA Mandatory/Discretionary Qualifications, Learnerships and Bursaries [email protected]


+27 12 430 4930